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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

hypnotictracks for anxiety some feedback

My experience with using the anxiety download was life changing literally. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a life changing disability that brought on a tremendous amount of anxiety and had been to every doctor and of course they all wanted to put me on medications.

I tried them all because I wanted to get better and get on with my life but the side effects were too much for me to handle. I was in bed for months due to my disability and the anxiety. My body became stuck in a state of constant anxiety and there was nothing that anyone could do except drug me. The anxiety got so bad that it hindered my efforts to get better.

I ordered Sam's download on anxiety and began to listen to it several times a day and before bed and within about a week I began to notice that I was relaxing and experiencing a sense of peace. I was able to deal with my disability and face it in a healthy way and now I use his downloads because they relax me each night. I would recommend them highly to anyone.

I intend on ordering more in the future and I believe they will also help my children as well.

Laura Brower.Georgia.USA.

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